Co-creation and Participatory Design of Big Data Infrastructures on the Field of Human Health Related Climate Services

Autores: Pablo Fdez-Arroyabe | Dominic Royé Abstract: Co-creation of scientific knowledge based on new technologies and big data sources is one of the main challenges for the digital society in the XXI century. Data management and the analysis of patterns Leer más

The Influence of Nitrogen Dioxide on Arrhythmias in Spain and Its Relationship with Atmospheric Circulation

Autores: Ana Santurtún | Arturo Sanchez-Lorenzo | Alejandro Villar | José A. Riancho | María T. Zarrabeitia Abstract: Epidemiological studies suggest that increased ambient NO2 concentrations are associated with cardiovascular disease. However, none of them have examined the association between ambient air pollution and cardiac arrhythmias in the general population in Leer más

Geographical distribution of mortality by Parkinson’s disease and its association with air lead levels in Spain

Autores: Ana Santurtún | Manuel Delgado-Alvarado | Alejandro Villar | Javier Riancho Abstract: Background and objective. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disease, and the aetiology of its sporadic form is unknown. The present study analyzes the temporal and spatial variations Leer más